A Fee Arrangement Customized for You

One of the biggest reasons I started Allan IP Litigation was my frustration with many of the billing arrangements in the legal industry. In addition to the high overall cost, many clients expressed annoyance and aggravation with the unpredictability of fees on a month-to-month basis.

Through Allan IP Litigation, we are able to offer alternative billing arrangements. In addition to the standard billable-hour option that most firms provide, we also offer fixed fee, contingency fee, and blended fee arrangements. These options provide a more predictable and consistent fee structure, allowing you to precisely plan and budget for the litigation.

A Better Legal Experience

This setup ensures that you can better manage your costs while associating payment with the results, not just my time. The sharing of risk in many of the arrangements we offer ensures that our interests and goals are more closely aligned, which makes for a better attorney-client relationship and better representation. Even if you choose the standard billable-hour approach, having the alternatives available will give you the peace of mind to know you picked the best option for you.

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