His Expertise Runs Deep.
Al is battle tested as a first chair trial lawyer in litigating high profile cases for many major companies. He has served in over 175 cases, and in federal courts throughout the country, in appellate proceedings before the United States Courts of Appeals for the Federal, Fourth, Sixth, and Eight Circuits, as well as in numerous trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

As a former law clerk, Al has seen numerous trials from the perspective of the judge and the jury. Al has assisted judges and juries in the analysis of motions, conducted research and provided anything that is necessary to facilitate cases and motions.

Al has worked as a certified mediator and understands what works in preparing and representing clients in any settlement discussions, whether in formal mediations or settlement talks.

You Don’t Need the Biggest IP Firm. You Need the Best IP Litigator.
Intellectual property litigation is an inherently expensive undertaking. You don’t need to pay inexperienced associates or large litigation teams. You pay for someone to learn your case thoroughly and present your case at trial in the most succinct and understandable way possible.

Allan IP Litigation will handle your case in an efficient and effective manner, guaranteeing you spend your money where it will do the most good: on a real expert, who focuses on the key issues of the case, not for on-the-job training or costly overhead. Hiring Allan IP Litigation is like hiring the best IP litigator in the firm without hiring the entire firm.

Get the superior talent without the superfluous extras.