Flexible Fee Arrangements

One of the primary reasons for starting Allan IP Litigation was to allow clients the opportunity to explore alternative billing arrangements. In addition to the overall cost, the major concern from many clients is the unpredictability of fees on a month-to-month basis.

At Allan IP Litigation, we offer the standard billable-hour option that most firms provide, but we also encourage our clients to discuss alternative billing arrangements. Among those options are fixed-fee arrangements, contingency fee agreements and arrangements that blend the billable-hour, fixed-fee, and contingency fee arrangements. These options provide the client with a more predictable and consistent fee structure, allowing the client to precisely plan and budget for the litigation.

These alternatives allow the client to better manage their costs, while ensuring that we are rewarded for our results, not just our time. By sharing the risk with our clients, our interests and the client’s are more closely aligned. This makes for better attorney-client relations, and a better representation.

Alternative fee arrangements are not for everyone, but we believe an examination of alternatives allows the client to choose the best type of representation for them.