For Expert IP Litigation, There is Only One Name to Know. Al Allan.

Enforcing and Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights

One of the biggest complaints many clients of large law firms have are unexpected, higher-than-anticipated fees. Allan IP Litigation exists to combat that problem.

Through Allan IP Litigation, Al Allan offers expertise and a wealth of experience as a patent attorney and in matters of copyright, trademark and other intellectual property disputes. As the owner and sole representative of Allan IP Litigation, Al seeks to remove the expenses and unnecessary headaches from inexperienced associates and red tape which come with hiring a large firm.

Working out of Charlotte, North Carolina, Al has over 26 years of experience as a patent attorney. He has handled over 175 cases in federal courts, and has also served as as a certified mediator for federal courts in North Carolina. Al works in numerous industries, including technology, automobile, mechanical, food, architecture, sales, manufacturing and many more.

With Al, you have the option of many different alternative forms of billing. If you don’t want the standard billable-hours model, you can also use used-fee arrangements, contingency fee agreements or a mix of all three. With this flexibility in payment, you can focus on what matters–the case itself–instead of what shouldn’t–how you can afford the legal representation.

Al handles matters from all over the entire country with any kind of intellectual property issue. If you need help, contact Al today by emailing him at or by calling him at 704-371-5605.